Animals Are People Too


With people so divided right now, I thought, I would like to paint a series that is light-hearted and hopefully a little bit funny. I believe laughter can bring us together,
and I believe together we stand.
If you like to see these paintings please come out to KALEID Gallery during the month of March. I hope to see you there!

  Jim Dairy  35×52  acrylic on canvas


   Kristen Piig 35×52  acrylic on canvas


Collie Pardon  20×35  acrylic on canvas


Lenny Rabitz  20×35 acrylic on canvas




MaLama  22×35  acrylic on canvas


Missy Elephant  49×72  acrylic on canvas



MuPaul   22×35 acrylic on canvas



Yeti White  48×55  Acrylic on canvas


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