This Masks Required Sign Is Free For Public Use


A patron asked to use my plague doctor image printed out to hang on their door. That made me think maybe others would like to use this image as well. Anyone may download and use this image as their masks required sign. If you have any issues please email me and I will send you a png.

    Stay safe and avoid maskholes.

Free for public use


A mask required sign free for use

Such a Small Thing

Cherri Lakey, of Phantom Galleries, Two Fish Design, KALEID Gallery and Ano Domani,  had the fun idea to create a

large painting for the entry wall at KALEID Gallery.

We talked about reflecting the tiny imposition of wearing a mask compared to the Plague Doctors’ uniform.

Thank you Cherri and Brian for turning San Jose into a city of art.



The Plague Doctor, by Sandi Billingsley  is currently hanging at KALEID Gallery.

9′ x 6′ canvas painted with non toxic paint

Faux Wood and Metal


This powder room entry needed some excitement in it’s life. It started out with a white door and white walls.

I started with the door. First,  I glued the medallion to the center of the door. The door had the faux wood texture which I filled in with plaster in order to change the  texture to a pocked metal. I sanded the texture to make it feel nice to the touch, then painted.

Once the tin paneling was attached to the stained wood tray, I added some antiquing to bring out the details.

For the walls, the client wanted to go less traditional. He wanted this area to feel open and airy but to match the wood paneling. This is what we came up with.



Door Detaildoor-detail