Sandi Billingsley is an American artist who has sold her art and painted high end homes from coast to coast. As a professional
faux finisher, she has over twenty years of experience understanding and recreating surfaces, painting murals, and combining
them into tromp l’oeil. For a decade and a half, she’s applied these skills to gallery shows of paintings which have attracted
collectors across the United States – and as far away as Germany.
Sandi has always been consumed by creating, but her first objective is to be as friendly to the Earth as possible. She explores
diverse styles in her art, but most of her projects start with recycling. She’s inspired by found and gifted materials, focusing
heavily on structures created from used wood and discarded paper – which she can make look like metal and stone.
Sandi’s art explores beauty and extreme color, but her passion for life, for challenge, and for the plight of women has led her to
create charged pieces using stark black and white compositions and provocative collage. Another series uses sepia tones to
explore issues of challenge with the flavor of alternate times. She revels in the joy of creation, but many of her works
incorporate surreal figures and have hidden – or not so hidden – symbolism.