Into the Fairytale

It all started with these three closet doors. The doors, all big and white dominated the room, so, the designer decided to use them as a focal point. First I added the medallions above the door frames. Then, I added wall icing for the the metal out line that creates the harlequin pattern.

doors 1


zin 432

After I painted, glazed and clear coated the doors, I added the plates behind the door pulls. I made the plates in order to hide the hole made for the original doorknob.

door2 handles

I painted the ceiling medallion which compliments the chandelier.

zin 430


zin 428

The walls needed a little something, so I tea stained the walls and ceiling.

zin 421

Finally, I painted checks and flowers on the radiator cover, tieing it in with the tile furniture.

zin 408

zin 406

zin 417


Liberty’s Dollhouse

It is a disturbing fact that females have been the most victimized and repressed group of humans throughout all of history.

Training girls that their role in life is to land a husband and have kids is severely limiting for her. I thought, what would her doll house be like if it could prepare her for autonomy.
liberty's doll house

It seems to me a good idea to train girls to be  autonomous and to be an active participant in the world.

liberty's Dollhouse2

Write it! Think about it! Defend it!

liberty's Dollhouse5


liberty's Dollhouse3


liberty's Dollhouse4

Give her the chance to Live her life.

liberty's Dollhouse

Pantry door

This pantry door needed a bit of an updo, so, first I added the medallion. Then, I textured the door to give it a rough metal look, even though it feels nice to the touch.

pantry door

This closeup shows the antique metal texture I added in order to lose the wood graining that the door came with. The texture helps the finish look and feel convincing.

samples 814