Living Water

Living Water is painted on a canvas I made from used and discarded paper and styrofoam. The hope is to inspire people to recycle or to make sure their trash goes to the designated place instead of loose where it will most likely end up in some body of water.

living water by sandi billingsley

Small Room Turned Library 

This room started out with a plain square opening before it was converted into a comfortable reading area. The cabinet maker built library units and added stained paneling to the walls. The columns and framing around the entry were added. Then, I added texture and a stone finish to the columns and arch. I added  wall icing to the underside of the arch. To bring out the details and add character, I added sepia staining to the woodwork. On the coffered ceiling, I painted the frame in a dark metal finish with the same sepia stain on the tin inserts.

arch and coffered process by sandi billingsleyupscale doorway by sandi billingsley antiquing detail by sandi billingsleyardh iceing by studiosandi coffered ceiling by studiosandi