Green Marble Fireplace

This wall was a large white area in the room that just sorta disappeared.  For this job, I first marbleized the fireplace and the columns. I painted the wall a soft gold that matched the gold trailing around the ceiling edge. I tea stained the edges of the gold wall to add interest. The picture frame molding and the crown molding I painted a seafoam green also tea stained and highlighted with gold.

green marblefireplace by sandi billingsley

American Goldfinch

I painted “American Goldfinch” painting as a comment to the original GoldFinch painting by Dutch painter Carel Fabritius.  His painting depicts a Goldfinch chained to a box hanging on a wall. I couldn’t see the beauty of the painting past the miserable fate of the bird.  The “American Goldfinch” would rather chew off her leg than be a prisoner. american goldfinch