eco freindly art

This blog is late but better late than never, ae? I now have art hanging at Trieste on South First St. downtown San Jose. This show “2 in 1” showcases two styles art: a series of fantastic landscapes painted on canvas, and a series of three-dimensional shapes made from recycled materials.
The landscape paintings are part of an ongoing series that began many years ago.I continue to paint them because they inspire my imagination, enhance my feelings of happiness and calm, and stir my excitement to create.
The three-dimensional pieces represent my love of the Earth. Being a tree-hugger,I always reuse and recycle. This series of sculptures is made entirely from rescued materials. The core is made of Styrofoam collected from shipping packages, friends and even Dumpsters (which might be illegal, hmm). Then I apply a combination of old paint clothes, junk mail, phone books — basically anything with natural fibers headed for the trash. Dipping these flexible materials in non-toxic glue gives them strength to hold interesting shapes. Finally, the piece is finished with “Aqua Brand” textures and paint which are non-toxic. The result is an environmentally friendly piece of art.

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