Liberty’s Dollhouse

It is a disturbing fact that females have been the most victimized and repressed group of humans throughout all of history.

Training girls that their role in life is to land a husband and have kids is severely limiting for her. I thought, what would her doll house be like if it could prepare her for autonomy.
liberty's doll house

It seems to me a good idea to train girls to be  autonomous and to be an active participant in the world.

liberty's Dollhouse2

Write it! Think about it! Defend it!

liberty's Dollhouse5


liberty's Dollhouse3


liberty's Dollhouse4

Give her the chance to Live her life.

liberty's Dollhouse

Create Equality

If we selected the most intelligent, the most creative and the most compassionate of humankind all races would be present. If the culture nurtures these qualities they can blossom into a luxurious peaceful society. If the opposite selection were made of humankind, those with the herd mentality, the most destructive, the most blood thirsty again all races would be present.

Equality - Again

American Woman

As an American woman, I understand that without the freedom granted me, I would have a very different life. I am tremendously grateful to be allowed to live a life as a participant in the world as opposed to most of the women throughout human existence who lived a life of servitude and bondage.



American Goldfinch

I painted “American Goldfinch” painting as a comment to the original GoldFinch painting by Dutch painter Carel Fabritius.  His painting depicts a Goldfinch chained to a box hanging on a wall. I couldn’t see the beauty of the painting past the miserable fate of the bird.  The “American Goldfinch” would rather chew off her leg than be a prisoner. american goldfinch